The Valerian Mermaid

Photography by Luis Cruz -

So every little girls dream is becoming a mermaid.. Right? Well it was certainly mine! I’ve been looking at these beautiful, completely realistic silicon mermaid tails ever since I was a teen and now I finally have one! I’ve got so many exciting ideas for creating the most magical fairytale imagery and transformations. Here’s a simple taster of images of what’s to come..

The newest act at Valerian Entertainment!




Halloween 2016 with The White Rabbit!

Here’s just a few of the projects I worked on over Halloween.. Valerian’s Toyshop of Horrors, Vampire Bunnies, Freaky Clowns, Frosted Mermaids, Undead Sugarskulls and more! Scaring and enticing, bringing the unexpected. Only another 363 days left to go until next Halloween.. :( Sad that it’s over but next up.. Christmas Festivities! Seems early I know, but time to get frosted and Grinchy. Watch this space! ^_^

Images featured, working with Valerian Entertainment, Playing with Fire and more!

To book the scariest of them all, see here:



Valerian Entertainment.. A New Seed!

So lately I’ve been working on an abundance of promotional shoots for our new company called Valerian Entertainment, with Lawrence Moon. From fire dancing, to hula hoop, to contortion and Disco Heads! Like, actually putting a disco ball on your head.. Why not. ^___^

I really enjoyed doing the circusy inspired make-up for these shoots, circus is absolutely one of my favourites. I loooove the line work, pops of colour and the pretty little dots and gems used to top the looks off. The disco head appears to require no make-up.. But in fact there is a disco chick under there ready to party.. Pictures coming soon!

A massive thank you to Luis Cruiz, Alistair Campbell and Jacob Boodrie for the amazing shots to follow.. And the incredible little make-up-contortion-model-fire-pixie helper Claire Ory! <3



The Beginning of my Blogging Adventure..

I’ve never been one for blogging, but I thought I’d give it a go.. ^_^

I love fairies, and clowns, and anything magical or theatrical! Here I’ll be sharing my inspirations, creations, behind the scenes, tips and tricks!


TWR.. ♥

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