Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie

So before I show ya’ll my Lockdown Looks collection and my new Covid Safety Guidelines for working in Hair and Make-up Artistry that I’ve put together during lockdown (I’m not fully back to work just yet  due to government guidelines but it won’t be long and I will be super prepared, super safe and super fabulous). In the meantime, I’ve got the images from the last shoot I worked on..  And this set is really GREAT!

I was head of costume, hair and make-up on this photoshoot and I had a fabulous time working on it! I really wanted the characters to have a carnavalesque vibe and to be well kept, but with an ever so slightly scruffy edge. I wanted this design to feel like a cabaret that was stuck in time but also very English. The hair and make-up was to reflect this, I didn’t want it too perfect or too pretty. I feel the ringlet updos really helped to reflect this, along with the shape of the lipstick and the beauty spots. I also wanted the animals to look very adult and not like mascots. I especially enjoyed roughings up some of the costumes and when I was saw these all together, I was a proud little lady!

This leads me on to present to you the latest act Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie from Valerian Entertainment! A cheeky and hilarious new roaming cabaret!

This incredibly unique new roaming cabaret act is based on the children’s classic The Wind in the Willows. On old English tale with Toad, Badger, Ratty and other friends. The focus on these three and their very mysteriously skilled circus friends to bring this roaming cabaret to life!

Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie – Hilariously Out of Control..

The way this act works is Mr Toad has his fantabulous cabaret cart! He drives it around with his circus menagerie making stops throughout your event and setting up shop for mini circus shows! Highly interactive and aesthetically very impressive, this sight is bound to astonish. With an array from family friendly acts to slightly twisted freak shows, this act has something for every age group and every event. Featuring crazy circus skills such as fire shows, hula hoop shows, sword swallowers, contortionists, acrobats, knife jugglers and more.

This Wind in the Willows act is without a doubt one of the most crazy and unique Old English style acts available. These realistic animal characters are incredibly vocal and incredibly theatrical. Mr Toad truly is a menace but with Badger around, fear not he will not get into too much trouble.. No matter how clumsy or meddlesome he is. Witness them in their erratic ways, pottering around, making a scene and being outright outrageous! Ratty will be sure to apologise for any wrong doing. Toad is pretty clumsy.. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to juggle the knives!

Would you like to book this act for your event? Head on over the Valerian Entertainment’s contacts page

I hope you enjoyed reading about my work on this act and I’ll be back soon with some more pretty pictures!



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