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Booking Your Trial

So you're getting married? Congratulations! There's nothing more important than looking and feeling confident on your special day. Book a trial and together we can find the perfect look for you. There will be plenty of time to try different hair styles, lip colours and anything else you think you need for that extra sparkle!

To book your trial, please use the form at the bottom of the page with the following details:

- Full Name

- Contact Number

- Date and Time of Wedding

- Wedding Venue

- Amount of Hair and Make-ups

 (including all bridesmaids, mother of the bride, guests, etc)

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Bridal Hair Trial - £100
Bridal Make-up Trial - £100
Bridal Make-up on the Day - £100
Bridal Hair on the Day - £100

(May-December weekend bookings minimum of £250 spend)

10% off Weddings Booked Monday - Thursday

(minimum booking of £250 to get this deal)


Additional Hair Trial - £75
Additional Make-up Trial - £75
Additional Make-up on the Day - £75
Additional Hair on the Day - £75

(May-December weekend bookings minimum of £250 spend)

10% off Weddings Booked Monday - Thursday

(minimum spend of £250 to get this deal)

All prices include luxury skincare preparation, airbrush foundation application and false lashes if required

Minimum spends exclude trail and travel fees

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 We only use high quality, long lasting make-up for that picture perfect finish! 

We specialise in Airbase airbrush make-up:

Airbase combines a unique mix of ingredients with silicone at the heart of it's formulation. Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone chosen does not clog your pores,  allowing your skin to breathe. It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up unrivalled durability. 

Silicone: Silicone is heat-resistant, non-stick and plyable. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all day and can be 'moved' for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application.

Vitamins A and E: Airbase contains Vitamin A, an ingredient that is proven to improve elasticity of the skin and therefore reduce fine lines. It also contains Vitamin E. This is an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactivate the free radicals that age the skin.

Why airbrushing?

When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film. The particles in the make-up become much smaller than when it is conventionally applied and therefore less visible. HD TV picks up absolutely every imperfection!

It simply looks incredible on the skin!

I also use various other brands including Illamasqua, Charlotte Tilsbury, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay and more!

I am very passionate about the welfare of animal therefore I do not buy or promote brands that are not cruelty free.

Stuck for ideas on your wedding day? 

Check out our Bridal Make-up Gallery on Pinterest

Check out our Bridal Hair Gallery on Pinterest

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"Gemma, you turned me into a fairytale princess on my wedding day, you made me feel more beautiful than i have ever been, you comforted me and transformed me. You made me look like i had always dreamed, and more. I will never be able to thank you enough - i actually didn't think it was possible to make me look like that. You have magic hands! I got soooooo many comments about my hair and make-up, but especially my hair. I have so many amazing photos, i cant choose which ones to send you so if you don't mind i might just bombard you with loads to choose from :) Again thank you for creating magic. You are truly talented, i am still drifting in this magical fairytale world that you helped create. Love Hana x"

"Thank you so much for doing my hair and make-up on my wedding day. You truly listened and made me feel so beautiful and confident on my special day. I can't recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much! Emma xx "

"I had such a wonderful day and I'm so pleased you could have been part of it. You made me feel so calm and confident every step of the way and like an absolute princess when I was ready to go down the isle. Can't thank you enough. Catherine."

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Terms and Conditions:

Covid-19 Update

Please be assured all precautions are taken to ensure the atmost safety of your and your bridal party. The highest levels of hygeine, training and PPE are practiced within the artist's work. You can read more about this in my blog section.

If government guidelines stop your wedding going ahead due to covid-19:

All 2021 brides will be able to rescedule to another date in 2021 free of charge if they need to move their wedding.

Anyone rescheduling to 2022 or beyond will need to pay a new reservation fee of £50.

If you don't fall into any of the above, standard cancellation fees apply.

If I am unable to do your new date, I will do my best to find a replacement artist for you, The reservation fee and any trial fees will not be refunded.

Anyone with covid symptoms or who has had covid symptoms 14 days prior to the booking will not be able to have hair or make-up services or be within the artist/s working area.

Whatever happens I will do by best to make your day as beautiful and stress free as I can.

Reservation Fee

A £50 reservation fee will be required at the time of booking to secure your artist and desired date.

This is non-refundable and non-transferable. This fee is used to cover admin, scheduling, phone calls and correspondence fees. This also protects us against cancellations and amendments. After securing your date and artist I do not accept any other bookings for this time. 

This cost will be deducted from the final wedding day balance.

Until a reservation fee is paid, wedding dates will not be secured. The date will be open to other bookings.


10% off all weddings booked Monday to Thursday (minimum spend £250 to get this deal).

May- December Saturdays and Sundays have a minimum spend of £250 (not including travel) due to being extremely popular dates among brides.

The balance is to be paid in full either beforehand or in cash on the day.

If a second makeup and/or hair consult is requested the same fee applies as for the first one. I will let you know if you need an additional artist based on the amount of work and time there is on the day. If any extra artists are needed to get you and your bridal party ready on the day of the wedding an extra fee of £80 per artist will be charged. This will be organised by me including scheduling and logistics for all artists.

You will receive a booking confirmation email approx 7 days before your wedding, this will have a breakdown of all costs including remaining wedding balance and any travel expenses which are to be paid in full on that date. 

Individual lash applications are included in the price for the makeup service, there is no reduction in price for any makeup service if they are declined.

Photographic/video images of the client, members of the booking or event may be used by the artist on social media unless the client has expressly withdrawn their consent in writing.

Cancellations & Amendments

If you wish to reduce the size of your bridal party within 2 weeks of the wedding, the full fee for the original booking will still be due.

If you want to change the date of your booking a new reservation fee will be due.

If for any reason you wish to entirely cancel your booking, I must receive this in writing via email. 

Consultations cancelled within 2 weeks require payment in full.

If a cancellation is received more than 6 weeks before the wedding date, the reservation fee and any consultation money will be kept and no refunds will be offered for work already undertaken. 

If you cancel within the 6 week period prior to your wedding, 50% of the final balance will be required.

If you cancel your booking 2 weeks prior to your wedding I will require the remaining balance in full.

Force Majeure

In the case of a force majeure event where both parties can not fulfil these terms and conditions for reasons that are beyond their control, we will work with you to reschedule, subject to availability. Any fees for services already undertaken will not be refunded but can be carried over to a new date. 

Illness & emergency

Should I need to cancel or amend the booking, a suitable replacement artist will be found and every attempt possible will be made to ensure you’re consulted and happy with the artist offered. If this is not possible, the reservation fee will be refunded and you will not be charged for the wedding day services.

Clients are strongly advised to take out wedding insurance.


The cost of the artist’s travel is covered by the bride and is charged at 45p per mile from the artist’s postcode in Bristol. It's £15 per hour (no charge for the first hour each way) travel time.

These are applicable for travel to and from the consultation and the venue on the day of the wedding.  Any congestion, tolls or parking costs are also chargeable to the client.

Thank you for taking your time to read my terms and conditions. ♥

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