Pamper Me Package

Brand new in for 2020, I've decided to really focus deeper on what makes us feel and look beautiful. It's so difficult nowadays to get good advice on what skincare to use and what make-up to use, so now I'm offering sessions where I'll pamper you with my favourite products, tailored specifically to your needs and your skin type and you can choose to buy the set or individual products afterwards. I use effective, luxury brands and offer them to my clients at affordable prices. After our session I'll use my professional artist discount to get the very best price so you won't get these products cheaper anywhere else. It's a great way to get professional advice on how to look after your skin and body, how to apply make-up with professional tips, create various looks, and also PERFECT if you're looking for a complete new skin routine or new make-up routine.

This makes a perfect treat before or after your wedding and it also makes a great birthday or Christmas present (if for a gift for someone else you can pre-agree a budget for the recipient to spend on products so it's covered as part of the gift). 

Gift vouchers are available for this package.

What area I am located in?

I'm based in Bristol however I can travel to the client if multiple people book in for this service. Great idea for an evening with bubbly with friends.

What's the cost?

The price depends on exactly how much of a service you'd like, please enquire for more info.

What do I offer?

- Express facials

- Express body pampering

- Full makeovers

- Christmas and birthday gift packages

Do I offer any similar services?

I also offer gift bundles with an incredible selection of different active ingredients and scents available, and I have Christmas make-up advent calendars coming soon!

! Skin Facts !


  • For an average adult, your skin covers about 3000 square inches and weighs around six pounds, which is nearly twice the weight of the human brain or liver!
  • Our skin is the first agent that comes in contact with the outside world and protects our bodies, as much as it can, from chemicals and bacteria.
  • Our skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency. So wouldn’t these facts lead you to believe that skin is one of the most important organs of your body? It sure seems like that to me!
  • That's exactly why we need to put the time into nourishing our skin and keeping it as healthy as we possibly can! It's important that we use good quality ingredients in our skin care and make-up in order to benefit the skin and to not cause congestion. Proper skincare is easy - such as exfoliating, cleansing, toning, applying serums and moisturising, and it really does make a HUGE difference to our skin! Oh, and of course so does eating healthily and drinking lots of water. ;)
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