Festival Season is Coming!

Spring has come and we’re all very excited for summer already! I don’t know about you but I plan to get super sparkly and covered in glitter for my summer parties and festival events.

When it comes to summer festivities, I am as always a very passionate and experienced hair and make-up artist. Getting you dolled up and feeling confident enough to storm the world is what I do best. If you find yourself needing a glitter artist this season for any events at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. From glamorous makeovers to glittery body paints and rhinestone creations I have everything you need this season.

Top trends include:

- Glitter Roots

- Festival Braids

- Glitter Body Paint

- Glitter Make-up

- Rhinestone Creations

- Glitter Chests

- Metallic Body Paint

** I am also very excited to announce I am now trialling a selection of beautiful and super sparkly eco-glitter! **

Whether you want to be a glittery goddess, glamorous doll, metallic robot, quirky clown or some other completely unique and custom creation, pop me a message and we can discuss things further. I’m always happy to guide and find the perfect look for you.

Did you know I also offer a full GLITTER STATION set-up?

I also have a very popular glitter station set up that I use to all types of events. This includes myself and additional artists if your events is large, many different types of glitters, gems, face paint and airbrush stencil designs (upon request) as well as some beautiful decor and large vanity mirrors for your guests to admire our creations. We’ll glitter up your guests and can also include festival style hairstyling as an optional extra. We will either come in glittery attire with dazzling head dresses or we can come dressed in a theme of your choice. Add a bit of fun to your wedding or public event this year with The White Rabbit’s Glitz Station

What events do I cover?

Events I cover include parties, private parties, birthday parties, special occasions, festivals, corporate parties, weddings, night club events, summer fates, Christmas events and much more.

Does your festival crew need a make-up artist?

I often come into festivals and work alongside performers to transform them into something truly festival worthy and beyond. If you have a cabaret, walkabout performers or a show that needs a hair and make-up artist to transform the performers in to characters that truly represent your vision get in touch to discuss your needs.

I tailor to the unique, the sexy, the characteresque, the dark and everything in-between.


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