Weapon up.. With your brushes!

Okay, so we all know that we’ve come into a bit of a difficult time with the coronavirus pandemic and this may have brought our work to a holt. But fear not IT IS NOT THE APOCOLYPSE, it is only temporary! This is exactly the type of time we all need to look out for each other, we all need to be extra mindful, and particularly look after our elderly and those who are vulnerable at this time! But don’t worry, this is not a lecture on how to act in your every day lives during this time but a little reminder to step back and make the most of this new found time and channel it into into something new, something creative, something B-E-A-UTIFUL. I can already imagine all the wonderful new art that will come from this time..

Now that I’ve finally come to holt, I realise all the things I’ve neglected to do! One of them especially being social media and blogging for my make-up work. I have SO MANY new projects I’ve been working on and fabulous new videos and photos and now I’m going to take them time to present them to you over the coming weeks. ^_^

So naturally, I have used the ‘Apocalypse’ photo set to go with this blog, ironically, but I couldn’t help it, and we all love a good dragon ehh? This set was shot for an animatronic dragon act for Valerian Entertainment. This was a really fun shoot to do, it was with my favourite photographer Alistair Campbell - https://www.alistaircampbellphotography.co.uk, with my best friend Rebecca Rose Robinson - https://rebeccaroserobinson.com and my partner Lawrence Moon (he’s inside the dragon so you’ll never see him, you’ll have to take my word for it that he exists) - https://valerianentertainment.co.uk! Make sure you check out all their creations! <3 The concept of the shoot is pretty self-explanatory, just some bad ass dragon warriors roaming around with their dragon owning the place. I also made their costumes and if you look closely you’ll see baby dragon skulls on the front of their head dresses - dark! This is actually an interactive roaming act that you can hire out for events through Valerian Entertainment. The dragon walks, bites, blinks and roars!

So, enough of cute little dragons for now.. And back to what to do next! While it can be very difficult to think of things to do and the best ways to utilise your time while restricted at home - there is lots you can do! Trust me, we’re all soon to be the master of this - as all bookings are cancelled for the next few months, I plan to spend my time working on my websites, social media and blogging, making new costumes, working on unique new make-up looks and characters, and also creating some new acts. All whilst juicing lots of carrots! Stay healthy folks.  What do you have planned? It’s a great idea to keep a routine and make lists of what you’d like to achieve. I’m a sucker for lists!

Hold tight for some fun new photo sets! Have you seen Mr Toad’s Magical Managerie? 


Stay safe and lots of loveeee!



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